Kieran Flitton

Kieran Flitton

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren •
"Youthful Maturity"

My foundation lies deeply in the field of emotive acting. The ability to convey emotion. To ease, to excite, to motivate.

My unique sound is one of smooth warmth, branching from the energetic realms of young adult to the suave masculinity of middle-aged.

The fields of Voice Acting I am most prolific within is Character Acting, for Video Games, and Animation entertainment. However, this fundamental control over tremendous emotion from the heights of range to the soft-spoken whispers of pursuasion have allowed me to transfer into Television VO, Radio, Corporate, and Audiobooks, to stimulate an audience's interest.


My basis in Voice Over began on the stage, in local theatre troupes, and acting classes. This continued into college where I studied Theatre and Performing Arts on a more technical and performance level.

I discovered Voice Over around 2008, where I would collaborate internationally with various artists; picking up several foreign language accents, starring in audio dramas, indie projects, and not-for-profit endeavours. Eventually this would becme my sole artistic focus, and transition into a career path.


To date my portfolio of Voice Work is diverse.

I have worked with ChappellRoberts in the production of Television VO; with Ameryka Film LLC on Documentary VO. I have narrated several audiobooks in the Young Adult and Fantasy genres for independent authors and literary agents such as Lukeman Literary. I have a diverse range of corporate, e-Learning, and promotional material.

In Video Games and Entertainment, I have worked with Sound Cadence Studios, with Wormwood Studios, Crystal Shard, amongst many in leading and supporting roles from bold young protagonists to grizzled niche characters that would be at home in any Tolkien property or horror franchise.


Sound Engineering. Mastering. Script-Writing.