Ken Adams

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"Warm, approachable, quirky, eccentric, many characters"
Ken Adams

From warm, sincere, natural and intimate to quirky, bombastic and very theatrical, I bring a wide range of voices and characters to work with in your productions. Years as a singer, commercial composer, audio engineer, ad agency producer, actor and voice talent gives me the ability to wear many "hats".

Solid, natural, approachable straight reads are my mainstay. But I also provide many characters, cartoonish, southern voices and dialects both male and female. Big focus on humorous characters. Also British character voices, other nationality caricature voice characters.

I sing in many different voices, characters and styles as well.

I can deliver finished, sweetened, edited tracks.


Private lessons, San Rafael Rep Players, Stapleton Theatre, VoiceOne, seeking further ongoing training, both private and class based.


6 years as main announcer for intros, etc. for the radio and podcast versions for The New School at Commonweal, Many phone tree and automated voiceovers both straight and character for Rightscorp, Inc. a publically traded company. Commercial reads, reads and vocal performance for several experimental projects and many many auditions, etc.


Audio engineer, singer, can sing in many characters and styles. Southern character voices, some familiar impersonations like Hank Hill, many humorous and cartoon/video game oriented voices.