Kelly-Anne Smith

Kelly-Anne Smith

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"Sultry, rich and professional"

I have had a radio imaging contract for my entire voice over career, I am incredibly proud about that as they are limited and sought after. I have also been a continuity announcer for the same TV channel for a decade, as well as writer, announcer and director on many other channels including BBC Worldwide, Sky Atlantic (the UK's HBO) and Sony Entertainment Television. I go in for jobs or record at home. My client list is fantastic and I hope to keep it that way for many, many years to come.


I started as a radio presenter and worked my way up from a small, local station to the national station - Virgin Radio, where I fronted the drivetime show for three years. After Virgin I moved mainly to voice work and have never looked back. Although I do still present on radio and TV sometimes.


I’m a voice over, a writer and a presenter. I also love dogs. I’ve been working in this field for over 15 years and it’s truly never a dull day. Along with my constant radio imaging roles, I’m a television announcer and I write the scripts for what I say. I also write scripts for other voices and channels and direct them.
I’ve interviewed so many people throughout my career in both radio and TV; from Noel Gallagher to Daenerys Targaryen. From a Eurovision ensemble to Will Smith and Jerry Bruckheimer. I am the Voice of God at the (Soho) House Festival, the person who guides you around Virgin Media and the one who talks about the Big Bus London Tours.
I’ve won awards including several Cannes Lions', Sony’s and Arquiva’s and some of my best friends are people I only ever ‘see’ down the line. My favourite work is live VoG so if you need a calm, professional guide for your big event - give me a call.


I have a lot of experience writing scripts after years of working in television announcing. Continuity requires much research and demands a dedicated passion for television with in-depth knowledge of programming and scheduling. Combine this with expert use of the English language and appropriate levels of humour, drama and geographically appropriate popular culture and you have an extremely versatile writer.