Kathie Pieloch

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"You’ll want to listen to me."

Narrations are what I love and what I do best. I am a natural at it as I always thought about becoming a teacher. When recording I keep my audience in mind. I want to keep them engaged! IVR systems have kept me the most busy for over 20 years. You will always hear a smile in my voice - except of course for the most serious reads.


This has been a love since I was in elementary school - admiring the narrators of the films we would watch in class. I took a few acting classes and vo classes but I truly am a natural.


Staff announcer for Cablevision for over 30 years. Voice of hundreds of local TV spots. Corporate IVR voice for Transamerica Retirement Services, Kroger, Ralph’s stores, The Long Island Railroad, Social Security Administration, Telliris Time & Attendance, Talksoft.


I can offer copy editing, audio editing, file conversion, plus full audio production ( voice, music sound FX)