Julia Riley

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"Strong, smooth with a friendly and trustworthy edge."

My voice is a strong, smooth, friendly, dependable alto. I have been used for campaigns to sell baby milk which requires a soft but strong and trustworthy voice all the way to Spar which required an upbeat and excited read in a much higher register. As an experienced actor as well as VoiceOver artist, I consistently bring a variety of different reads to any piece and honestly believe that I have a real gift in this area. I truly believe that some people can really do it and I like to think that I'm one of those lucky people. I'm really adaptable and take direction well and I would say that sight-reading is a strength of mine.


I had basic voice training at Drama school but mostly learned on the job as I found I had a real aptitude for it. I secured a VoiceOver agent as soon as I left college and have worked consistently ever since. I've over 15 years of experience in the industry having worked on commercials, documentaries, training courses and television and radio announcements.


I've done commercials for T-Mobile, EE, Aptamil, Clairol, Tesco, Asda, Pandora, Harpic,, Westfield Shopping Centre in London and many other smaller companies. I've worked for Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV and recorded various announcements and documentaries. I've recorded training and webcasts for companies such as T-Mobile, Tesco and Studyflex. I voiced the One2One IVR for a number of years.


I sing and am working on a singing demo at the moment.