Jordan Gray

Jordan Gray

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"The voice that grabs you by the eardrums"

Jordan's chocolatey, warm voice is ideal for documentaries, commercial spots, video games, and audiobooks. An effective all-rounder, his malleable voice is best described as conversational, authentic, confident, informative and relatable.

Jordan's extremely versatile voice perfectly matches TV/Radio commercials, videos for business/organizations, sports/racing/fitness events, explainer videos, film narration, and video game characters. He has a rich natural tone that is described as believable, warm and connecting.

He can, however, shift easily into a more intense, dramatic and energetic range best suited to any project requiring high energy and immediate call-to-action.


Voice over training and coaching from coaches including Zac Cashman, Lisette de Asne, Bill DeWees, Nancy Wolfson, Nancy Cartwright and more.


Having voiced hundreds of projects, my experience ranges from corporate videos, radio and TV ads, educational and e-learning projects, characters for children e-books, documentaries (nature and sports) and a host of IVR and mobile apps.

I've worked with clients around the world, each with unique requests and can confidently say they've enjoyed my quality and level of service.


Especially enjoy corporate work, international videos requiring neutral English.