Jonathon Bradley

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"I'm a man of my words."

I am a passionate, honest and loyal man! By being genuine, I create a voice for myself and others. Acting and creation, be that creation of characters, of worlds, of empathetic emotion is what makes me tick. It unleashes my inner creative spirit and inner child and makes me giddy. I love it and shall forever be married to the work.


Ranging from local starting workshops to 1 on 1 with industry professionals.

Brandon R Olive Coaching - Jan 2019 - Present
Steve Blum Directed Session/Live Coaching - Aug 2018
Blumvox Studios - Webinar Teaching Series - 2018 - Present
Christopher Robin Miller - VO Workshop - July, 2018
Robert Andrus - Cold Read Workshop - July, 2018
Christy Summerhays - Acting Workshop - April, 2018
Benjamin Hopkin - Voice Over Class - April 2018
Be Bold Power Up - Acting Workshop - March 2018 - Present
Dee Bradley Baker - Going Pro in Animation VO - Shut Up & Talk - 2017


One Leaves - Narrator - 2019 (FDA/Wahoo Studios)
Warframe - Storm Trooper - Not Yet Implemented - 2018 (Digital Extremes)
Dead Tree of Ranchiuna - Player Character (Narrator), Andrei - 2019 (Tonguç Bodur)


I speak French, am decent with audio engineering and have my VO reels available at