Johnna Rae

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"Youthfully Brilliant Execution. Strategic Story Advancement."
Johnna Rae

Words are powerful. I love to harness their power by connecting genuinely to deliver your message in an impactful way. I live for this stuff! I've always had a love affair with words, whether in written or spoken form. I am well versed in the art of persuasion backed by authenticity. What better way to connect with an audience?

As a former Intelligence Analyst, I've been presenting information to audiences for over fifteen years. The only difference now is that the information I present in voiceover is SO much more fun! I am versatile and have a knack for authentic, sincere delivery as well as connecting through my voice.

I'm an optimist at heart and I absolutely love and feel my prowess around high vibe, happy people. RRRAAAAWWWWRRRRR!! Like a tiger :)

Although I like to have fun, I always keep it professional, am very humble and easy to work with. I have a dedicated sound studio and if we work together I will do my best to make sure you are a happy, repeat client (see what I just did there?)


I started out by doing free voiceover work for someone I met when I was in my previous career. Later, I realized how much I love doing voiceover so I took voiceover coaching for about six months and I continually make an effort to perfect my skills daily. I'm a firm believer in life long learning and when you love to do something, that becomes pretty easy!


-Local radio promotions
-Local E-learning projects


I do my own editing and can send MP3 or WAV files. I am available through phone patch or ipDTL