John Discepolo

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Powerful brand ambassador, designed to the get blood pumping!"

Having a background in sports and news, I'm really good at high energy commercials for both radio and television. However, my range doesn't stop there. I can also deliver several different sounding voices, ranging from narrator to cop, doctor, jail tough guy, whatever.


Working in Television Sports and News for the past 25-years has allowed me to craft a rather unique voice. I've also done movie roles and continue to work in both radio and television.


For 25-years I have worked prime time and coast-to-coast for all major networks except NBC - not sure why? LOL! With stops in Arlington, MA... Yonkers, NY... Albany, NY... Dallas, TX... New York, NY... Seattle, WA... and now West Palm Beach, FL. For the first 15-years of my careers I was a Sports Anchor. The last 10, a news anchor. While I craft my voice for television during those years, its what I've done in between that's really given me a unique sounding voice. Everything from radio commercials to acting major motion pictures (2004 Laws of Attraction.


I also write commercial copy and can lay music in for added effect.