Jim Morlino

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"The sound of LOVE."
Jim Morlino

I'm not very good at the "Hard Sell" and I'm not really a "Nerdlinger". I'm more "the Guy Next Door.....WHO LIKES TO DRINK AND SMOKE".
I'm first and formost AN ACTOR. And I can take DIRECTION like there's no tomorrow. When it comes to working with a client, I have NO EGO.
So, you can suggest a mood or a tone, but if you have a specific LINE READING...bring it! If you have no idea WHAT you want, I'm VERY smart,
musical, intuitive, and can fill in gaps, and read between the lines of your unspoken angst. I'm also just about the nicest guy I know.


40 years of on-the-job training - both in front of, and behind the mic and camera.
Got my SAG card when I was 20, joined EQUITY and AFTRA soon thereafter.
I have a BA in Music ('83 University of San Diego), and an MFA in Drama ('89 U.C. San Diego)
Worked in NYC for years, but put my Union memberships on hold for the last 15 years so I could concentrate on production.
I'm back.


Produced two full length, independent feature films (almost singlehandedly)
Love doing the short and sweet gigs that make me a lot of money (Rogain, General Mills, Chrysler, Honda, Proctor and Gamble, Sprint, McDonalds)
but some of the most fulfilling things I've done are the longer form projects (Radio Dramas, Audio Books, Narration etc.)


I sing, play, compose, arrange, mix, produce - (I even ran my own Recording Studio for years)
I can sort of do it all.