jesse gallegos

jesse gallegos

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"Hip adventurous bestfriend with a flair for awe and comedy"

My work is deep rooted from a strong musical theater and film background.
I started with vocal and acting classes plus full theater production all year for over 4 years.
I have been a hard working film actor for 8 years, working on network shows, commercials, and huge narrative productions.
I live and breath performing and have pursed this creative art for almost a decade.
I believe in hard work, time commitments, communication, and team work!


4 years of voice classes at Louisiana College with a bachelor in Theater Arts & Communication
2 years Voice Training with Alex Miller in Atlanta, Ga


Narrative films voice overs (features, shorts, web series)
Brand Videos with Launch Light Films
Commercial Spec spots (almond milk, cheerios, etc)
Narration - Child Abuse Awareness


I sing and can do full post production with music, sound effects, and sound mixing ---