Jeremy Phifer

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"The southern man"

I have been a singer all my life, since age 13. I have had the opportunity to be in several radio stations. I have been in numerous radio interviews. And as a past time I do serval impressions to amuse my family.


I am a graduate from Full Sail University, with a BS in music production. I had to open my abilities to complete my tasks, abilities that I never knew existed till I was a full sail student.


My biggest achievement would be: having radio singles reach top 50 and top 40 in certain markets.


I can compose music, write lyrics, sing lead and harmony, play guitar on sessions.. Mix, edit, Master audio. I have my own studio setup. I’m proficient in Logic ProX and Protools. And I have over 10 years of self-taught experience on top of a degree in my chosen field.