Jas Patrick

Jas Patrick

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"Extreme versatility & QUALITY, super fast and friendly!"

My natural voice is quite a unique Guy Next Door conversational type of voice that is usually described as charming , accessible , friendly , genuine , authentic , believable , relatable , trustworthy , fun , fresh , youthful , engaging , sincere , happy , reassuring , warm , playful , motivational , straightforward and strong but sweet.
My characters , on the other hand , range from teen to elderly , villain to hero , wacky to voice of god , scary to timid , tough to wimpy , nasal to guttural , demonic to calming , cartoon to corporate , cowboy to wizard , action star to annoying kid , Scottish dwarf to New Jersey gangster , clown to snob , gnome to goblin , cat to dog , console to PC and the list truly goes on and on!
I am a provenly gifted and proficient actor and will get your script done not only quickly , but also to your satisfaction and that is no sales pitch--soft sell or otherwise... It's a fact!

Need an elderly Yorkshire British gentleman for your internet explainer video? No problem! How about an aristocratic , passive aggressive wimp from Vermont for your video game? How about a young adult with an authentic and believable Southern Delta or perhaps West Texas accent to narrate your radio spot? Nary a worry! But what about an urban , spoken word , rhythmic almost hip hop delivery for your brand anthem? Oh most definitely! Heck, I cover pretty much any range you can think of! From teen to senior , tough to huggable and sweet , corporate to clown , grizzled to smooth , energetic to calm , inspirational to aggressive , country to western , dog to cat , ham to burger... Ahem.

I am a chameleon and an extremely believable one at that! My radio spots , commercials and characters are arresting , ear-catching and they always bring a smile--but I'll also bring a warm , friendly , matter-of-fact , genuine , informative , conversational tone to your internal , corporate educational or promotional videos as well!
Oh! And my first name rhymes with "face"!


*I am a 20 year veteran producer and performer and can provide writing , production , music and sound effects to create a complete and finished world-class product.
*I have honed my skills during countless hours over the last twenty years as a vocal talent and audio engineer trained by some of Nashville's best, award-winning experts.
*Commercial, Corporate, Explainer, Promo and E-Learning training with J. Michael Collins.
*Improv training with Nashville Improv.
*Meisner Technique and theater training with Actors Bridge Ensemble.
*Accent training with Yvonne Morely--Royal National Theatre.
*On-Screen actor training with Ross Bolen--adjunct professor Belmont University.
*Cartoon & Character coaching with Bill Farmer (Disney's Goofy since 1987).


I am an award winning and muIti-award nominated Voice Actor and have done a wide variety of voiceover work for international companies such as Deloitte, Amazon , Coca-Cola , Sony , ExxonMobil , Ford , Chevrolet , GM , Samsung , Nielsen , Marriott , Mars Inc , Jack Daniel's , Volkswagen , GORE-TEX® , Corona , Cisco , Stanley Electric , Mountain Dew , Gillette , Monsanto , Best Buy , Red Bull , ZYTIGA® , Standard Textile , WebMD , YETI , UBS AG and Kubota , TV programming such as Fox Sports , world-renowned events & sports teams such as The U.S. Open , PGA TOUR , The Mexico National Football Team (Selección de fútbol de México) , The Dew Tour , The GoPro Mountain Games , The Iowa Wild and The Minnesota Lottery , cartoons and video games such as World Of Tanks , Clash Royale , Heroes Of Newerth , Yowza! Animation , Brawl Stars , "The Swan Princess" and The Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz , world famous non profits such as the Lane Motor Museum and The New Horizons Foundation, public and private sector partnerships such as United Way , NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) , The USO , Wounded Warrior Project , The Jordan Tourism Board and The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce , cultural and educational institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University , The University of North Carolina , Washington State University , The University of Pittsburgh , Georgia State Panthers , The University Of Oklahoma , United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the Progressive Arts Alliance and technology/app developers such as Uber, Tableau , iClassPro , Drivehound and ohello!
And these are just SOME of the companies and projects I have worked for and on!


I am also an audio engineer and a video editor as well as a working professional voice actor, voiceover talent! I can deliver raw , finished , produced spots and videos--I can even write and edit the copy if you like! I can also do screen capture videos , add music , add sound effects , post production , dubbing , re-dubbing , mixing , mastering--basically, anything you want to do involving a spot , video , audiobook , etc, I can do!