Jarred Kjack

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"The neighbor next door you can trust and laugh with!"
Jarred Kjack

Versatility: with my 20+ years of Acting and Improv experience, I can be your natural-dry-witty-funny guy for commercials, your British-off the cuff-martini drinking-secret spy for video games, your intelligent-articulate-yet engaging-teacher for industrials, your deep and sexy audiobook narrator, and your powerful bold promo voice guy. Oh, and I'm extremely easy & fun to work with!


Since 1997, I've been acting, filming, performing, writing, teaching & crafting a wide range of artistic expression. Working in voice overs allow's me to bring all that experience together in one complete and total package. My training in LA includes: Bob Bergen (animation), Nancy Wolfson & Mary Lynn Wissner (commercial), Jodi Gottlieb (Promo), LoopTown (Loop Group in LA), Steve Staley & Scott Holst & Melique Berger (Kalmenson & Kalmenson VO Classes), and I received an MFA in Acting from CSUF. I also studied Improv Comedy at the famous UCB and IO West.
I own and operate a professional home recording studio with solid equipment here in LA. (Whisper Room Booth, Neumann TLM 103, or a Sennheiser Mkh 416, paired up with a Focusrite Clarett Interface, FMR Audio RNC 1773, and a Focusrite ISA One Pre Amp. I run Avid Pro Tools 12. Source-Connect or Phone Patch) ISDN available on demand. Files can be recorded and sent in any file form necessary: MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, etc. My background in commercial marketing & sales can also come in quite handy when crafting copy. I'm persistent, easy to work with, great with Improv, have a long history in the industry, and some wicked-good VO skills in the booth. Feel free to check out my website at: WWW.JARREDKJACK.COM


(Partial list)
Secret of Man-Thanatos
Dynasty Warriors 9-Xiahou Dun & Dian Wei
DIRECTV-Game Show Host
Looping Artist-Looptown in LA.
Mobius Final Fantasy-Additional Voices
Lastman-Additional Voices Nobunaga no yabou: Taishi-Xiahou Dun & Dian Wei
Netflix: Chef's Table-MASSILILIANO
5 Hour Energy-Spokesperson
Arcanium-Multiple Voices
Battle Chasers Nightwar-Calibretto, Curio, & other voices
The Elder Scrolls Legends-Cicero & Argonian
Intel UNSTOPPABLE-Spokesperson
Atlas Reactor Video Game-TolRen the Samurai
Vizio Smartcast "How To's"-Narrator
Reese's Puffs-Spokesperson
Somos Familia Dub-Francisco
Voltea Dub-Roderigo
Sushi & Beyond - The Anime-Ramen King & Other Voices
Kitchen Aid (Campaign)-Spokesperson
Visa - (Ant-Man Promo)-Photographer
Oculus Rift-Promo & Spokesperson
DJI Phantom 2 Camera Drone-Spokesperson
Clear Channel: CDA Law Center (Campaign)-Spokesperson
Phoenix Audio-Spokesperson


IMPROV! IMPROV! IMPROV! (Great with Accents as well)
I can also write amazing copy and add music or sound effects to any track.