James Hasler

James Hasler

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"A Versatile Clear English Male Voice for all productions"

"Oh no not another standard RP voice?!" Yes I am, but far from standard.
My voice is very clear and easy to understand making it perfect for the majority of narration and instructional commentaries. However, it has the addition of being able to mimic the majority of dialects found on the United Kingdom.
I come from both an industry and acting background so am suitable for a variety of productions, both serious and comedic.
I love doing what I do and try whenever to have fun when being creative, but take every role with seriousness with regards to getting the work done swiftly and in a manner required by my clients.
I can record at home, but am also very happy to head into local studios (I am London based) if required.


I completed a years course at City Lit in London "Acting for Radio" with David Gooderson and David Thorpe. After this I continued my learning with the online courses provided by Gravy for the Brain.


My dulcet tones can currently be found guiding boat trips up and down the Thames at Henley. I am the voice of a website where many of its users are suffering from learning difficulties or dyslexia and I have been part of several online shows and tournaments as an announcer.

Additionally I am a professional voice of god having been present at over 50 awards shows throughout the UK ensuring that they start and are run to time. Some are national and others are internal clients such as CDG, Securitas, Hiscocks and Unilever who were all awarding teams within their organisations.


Mimicry is probably my biggest asset, and while I do not make a habit out of impersonations, I can reproduce many accents to order if required.