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"All of this in one man!"

My voice is a toy and a tool. I can be playful and silly, charming and sophisticated, authoritative and convincing, funny and confident. I can create a voice based on very little input. I can re-create some celebrity voices with a fair degree of accuracy. My age range is from 5 to 99, and if you need an ethnic accent I can usually perform that convincingly as well. there's nothing I won't try, and I've never heard the word "impossible".


I studied at the now defunct Ron Bailie School of Broadcast in the late 1980's. I graduated and was quickly disappointed with the "lifetime placement assistance" they offered. This was well before the internet age, soo the school received a weekly list of job openings - 90% were for on-air talent. However, in the time between the lists generation and the schools receipt, many, if not all of the jobs had been filled. I was willing to take a position anywhere in the US to get started, but it was an uphill battle. I wanted to become an announcer - not a DJ - and it seemed there was no clear path to that goal.
Two or three years ago, I attended an event held by Such A Voice. I knew what it was - a recruitment effort to sign up students. I left the event thinking "Boy I wish I had the money, I'd take that course as a refresher and get back on the road towards my dream job." Eventually, my financial situation improved and I was able to sign up for what they called the "Accelerated Program". It seemed right, since I had already been through what I felt was a very thorough education at Bailie.
I have completed my refresher course. I have completed my demos. I am beginning to market myself and this is just one of the first baby steps I am taking.


I was asked to provide an introduction for a company called Barefield and Vierra around 1994 or so. I recorded it in about 5 minutes and was paid $25 for my work. Soon afterward I was married and chased another career path. I had to feed the wife!


In addition to having a decent and versatile voice, I sing. I write copy. I compose music. I am well-versed in Audacity and Pro Tools and can produce my own material. I play guitar, bass and keyboards as well.