Hayley Harris

Mitglied seit 5 Jahren
"Vibrant, Assured, Likeable"

I am able to deliver high quality edited and mastered audio to short deadlines (if necessary) from my studio that I have at home. I have a youthful and upbeat sounding voice that can appeal to the younger audience in commercials. I am also able to deliver a more stylish and informed sound for corporate videos and e-learning. I also have a more playful storytelling side that lends itself to audiobook and games.
My voice has also been described to me as characterful, approachable, believable and even sparkly.


Trained with Gary Terzza of VO Masterclass


In my previous career, I was the companies first point of call for presenting at high level meetings. I have also been involved in appearing in training videos for this same company. I have also been a consultant for the largest weight loss company in the UK. This involved holding meetings and group discussions with quite large audiences.


All audio that I produce is fully complete, edited, mastered and ready to go.