Harmen Sipkema

Harmen Sipkema

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"Your message, my voice"

Your message matters to me. The point is not to make an impressive video or recording, the goal is to get your target group to respond to what you want to tell them. Understanding that is key to getting the results you need.


I have studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory which makes me very aware of what sound does and how it behaves. I have worked in a number of studios as an engineer, doing post production and music production and recording and lot of work with voices.

This experience helps me to intuintively know what works best for an engineer or a director.

Through my work for the past 15+ years I know my way around a studio and am familiar with the workflows of the broadcast industry.

The years of experience as a voice over artist are the best training one can have.


I have worked on too many productions, TV commercials and videos to remember them all, for all kinds of products. From cartoons to motorcycles, toys, food and candy, computer hardware etc. 

Brands and companies that have chosen my voice include 

- Discovery Channel

- Schwarzkopf

- Samsung

- Philips

- Sky Radio

- Red Bull

- Walt-Disney

- Pixar

- Animal Planet

- SBS Broadcasting


- E-on


- Elie Saab

- Wagamama

- Hoegaarden

- Desperados

- Opel

- Nuon

- WeCycle

- God of War

- Le Petit Paradis



and many more...

But a far more interesting question is: what can I do for you?


Let me know what you need in terms of delivery. Do you want a raw recording so your engineer can work with it the way he likes? Or do you prefer a cleaned, treated file, ready to drop into your video editing software?

I can deliver mixes of my voice and music and effects (of your choice) for optimal results with minimal hassle.