Hannibal Brown

Hannibal Brown

Mitglied seit 8 Jahren •
"Neutral Spanish For International Markets"

As a voice over actor, Hannibal specializes in Spanish for International Markets, such as United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, Latinamerica and Asia, whose voice delivery is soft and friendly when recording on cultural or documentary projects.
Yet authoritative for commercials, TV, promos, film trailers or corporate. Wide variety of character voices in spanish and english. Also audio books and A.D.R. (lipsync or voice replacement) actor.


He started his career as an stage actor in México City... Learning theater in Casa Del Lago (House down the lake) an art division from UNAM (University of México)...
Very young in southamerica he used to work in audio for movies in a film laboratory.
In the 70´s he started his voice career in CINSA Studios in México City as a voice over and dubbing actor (dubbing or voice replacement for movies)
In 1977 he moves to USA and start acting in bilingual productions in Valley College and in the first Dubbing Mexican Dubbing Studio in Hollywood, continue dubbing movies and start doing commercials for Radio and TV...
He continue improving his voice and acting skills and techniques in different institutions in LA.


Hannibal Brown has been in the entertainment industry for over 40 years as a Voice Over Talent, A.D.R., Dubbing Actor, Documentaries Narrator, Audio and Voices Coordinator, Writer, Translator, Adaptor, Consultant and Producer.

In 1978 made in neutral spanish the voice of C3PO the popular golden robot of Star Wars. Becoming the first C3PO in Neutral Spanish.
After that he started a career of different voices in the world of comics and cartoons, doing voices such as Ultramagnus (Optimus Prime´s brother)
in The Transformers G1 the TV series. The popular villain Count Brocken in TV series Mazinger Z. And many more... The popular actor Pat Morita´s in Karate Kid movies
(with chinese accent) and many more

Since 1997 he has dedicated his career into documentaries as a writer, producer and narrator . Also narrating instruccional videos and marketing.

He was the first signature Spanish voice of People & Arts (Discovery Channel Latinamerica + BBC) popular network in Latinamerica and Europe.

He was the Spanish tour and narrator of the renovated Paul Getty Villa in Malibu, California. Opened in 2006

The popularity of his voice has been established all over Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia.


I have skills in audio recording and editing.
Translating from English to Spanish for TV Shows, TV presentations, documentaries and feature films...
Translations from english to spanish for audio books.