Gwen Wood

Mitglied seit 12 Monaten •
"Warm and Engaging Female Voice Talent"

As a native Mid-Westerner, Gwen has a natural, relatable tone that brings a genuine feel to any project style. She is grounded in her values and in her spirit, and lives with warmth, love, and a quickness to laugh. This easy, comfortable demeanor makes each of Gwen’s recordings captivating, authentic, fun, and engaging.
Gwen prioritizes friendship and community in her life, which translates to a friendly, positive, and upbeat voice for her clients, like chatting and laughing with a light-hearted girlfriend or coworker.
As a mother and wife, Gwen can naturally vocalize a maternal, helpful, and soothing message, like getting trustworthy advice from someone who understands us like a mom and cares about us.
As a well-educated professional with years of experience presenting in front of executives and teams, Gwen can provide a powerful, polished, and authoritative feminine voice for serious conversations.
After a lifetime of colleagues, family, and friends marveling at Gwen’s uniquely warm and resonant voice, she decided to put that voice out into the world for others. That calm confidence coupled with her adventurous spirit comes through the speakers as an impactful experience for her audience.


Professionally trained through Such a Voice