Greg Balla

Mitglied seit 5 Jahren
"An American boy with a voice like a glass of silky scotch"

Hi there!

I'm Greg Balla. I am a NYC based stage/ screen actor and vocal performer. I spent 7 years performing as a silent, bald and blue clown with the popular show, Blue Man Group. Since then, I've made my voice heard in virtually every sector, from medical tech companies to children's cartoons. And now I'd love to work for you :)


Bruce Kronenberg - Abacus Entertainment NYC

Lau Lapides, Boston, MA

Fordham University Lincoln Center - BA Theatre Perfromance



Voice of EyeNetra- MIT founded, Cutting-edge Medical Technology Co.


Johnny Walker


JP Morgan Chase Bank

and more!


I can sing and beatbox, I am a piano player and a drummer, and I love smooth jazz.