Graham Heilweil

Graham Heilweil

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"Serving Up the Stories You Write"

As a former biology teacher, an older brother and as a full time voice talent, I use a dynamic range of voices and characters to inform and entertain. When you write a script, whether it's meant to be informational, conversational or a zany cartoon, you've created the ingredients I need to put together a story and a character.

I specialize in sounding like a guy next door, bringing a warm, relatable, conversational read to the table.
By adding a little bass or bringing it down a touch, I can change my vocal age range to an older teenager or middle aged father.

For character work, my voice can sound gritty, guttural, barbaric, nasally, nerdy or even perfectly smooth and suave,

No matter what the script calls for, I read your story the way it deserves to be told using a broadcast quality home studio. I get it to you well before you need it done.


I've trained with Edge Studio and Marc Cashman for several years.

With their help I've prepared two demos, a commercial demo and an elearning/narration demo.

I also participate in weekly VO workouts with fellow voice talent.

Years spent in a high school biology classroom and as a union representative have helped me perfect my ability to communicate with large crowds or single individuals in a way that's easy to relate to and fun.


Some of my latest work experience includes
- A PBS documentary called Civil War Rx.
- Millions have heard my voice through the several projects I've done for AFSCME.
- Character work includes roles in independent audio dramas

In college I was a part of an award winning sketch comedy show as well.


Writing and basic video production skills.

I can create a script, and then mix together music with recorded vocals, pictures and videos.