Giles McMullen-Klein

Mitglied seit 5 Jahren
"Warm, engaging and authoritative."

I am very good at narration: training videos, audio books and education. I specialise in making the complex understandable, taking long sentences and making them intelligible and giving your script authority. I like to engage with the listener and then take them on a journey as we explore a theme, subject or book together. I have a good vocal range and a tone that gives my voice plausibility and credibility. I would describe my voice as rich and warm. It has gravitas and authority.


I started working in the radio industry as a broadcast journalist in the 1990s. I made radio packages mainly about healthcare and finance. This was where I learnt microphone technique and how to use my voice as well as a script to convey meaning to a listener. Also, because the subject matter was usually a little dull, I had to find ways of making it as interesting as possible, this was a great training. Since then I have been on a constant learning journey to improve my voice performance. I have taken acting lessons to find new ways of using my voice. I have done theatre and performed Shakespeare on stage. I have attended voiceover workshops. I am always listening to voice performances to learn as much as I can from them. I have also attended numerous presentation workshops at the University of Oxford, where I studied medical physics.


I have worked for radio companies in the UK: Radio 106 (now global) and LBC. I worked for the UK newspaper CityAM for 3 years, producing and presenting their daily audio content. I performed a similar role for the Canadian national daily newspaper The National Post. I recorded a daily program for City Index and Financial Spreads for several years and have recorded regular educational material for the British Heart Foundation. I have worked for a number of other UK based charities.


I can offer advice and help with creating scripts for voiceover.