Gerardo Paz

Gerardo Paz

Mitglied seit 8 Jahren •
"Specializes in character acting and ADR work."

Need a voice that screams out charisma within a short period of time and with little hassle? Residing in the Bay Area, I have lent his voice to a wide variety of projects spanning video games, animation and even movie narration and has received various honors and praise on his performances.


BA in Theater Arts from San Francisco State University

Voice One

Creating Characters - Terence McGovern

Adventures in Voice Acting (Character Acting, Auditioning and ADR)

Beginner Class - Tony Oliver
Intermediate Class - Tony Oliver


Gear Worx Productions - Announcer - Goreball
Gray Fox Productions - Narrator - Countdown to Brawl
Lifepoint1 - Hanto - XIN
Lifepoint1 - 471 - Kazahana
Lifepoint1 - Yagi - Kazahana
Lifepoint1 - Lu Sun - Record of Dragon Burial
Azure Productions - Additional Voices - Shattered Heaven
Strawberry Productions - Eiji Hayashihara - Red String


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