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"That character voice that you just can't quite find? Mine."

I possess a unique versatility, and have an ability to create new voices for the characters that I've been assigned. "Gruff, and Middle-aged" is my normal delivery, but I can smooth it out and go ten years in either direction. I have a passion for being before the microphone, and my years in radio have taught me how to read script accurately and with emphasis. Oftentimes, my best read is the first one through, but I'm more than willing to provide multiple voices, or samples of inflection and delivery for producers to have options.


High School radio, 1982-1984
AudioScope Magazine 1987
American School of Broadcast 1993
Professional radio 2003-2011
Various Community theater projects and dinner mysteries


Radio Results Group in Coffeyville, Kansas gave me the opportunity to be a face for the radio station in various civic groups, fraternal organizations, and local Chambers of Commerce and Main Street organizations. These opportunities helped me to expand my abilities for public speaking, and for recording various projects designed for building community or promoting various events or activities.


I work with a version of Studio One, Producer, that allows for a number of effects and incorporation of a number of different files.