Erikka J

Erikka J

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"Rich, warm, sassy, singing, strong, deep female voice"

Starting as a musician, vocalist and performing recording artist, I have learned a lot about how breathing, intonation, diction, speed, strategic pauses, volume and other aspects of voice can affect the emotion that is translated to the listener. When I started my Voice Over career, all of that experience transitioned over very nicely. My singing range is from soprano to high tenor and my natural speaking voice is in a lower register with plenty of gravitas. My business background allows me to cater to professional reads and those that call for strong, confident delivery.


I am a formally trained musical vocalist and have done voiceover coaching with coaches such as Joan Baker, Dave Fennoy, and J. Michael Collins.


Google Chromebook
Apple News
Delta Vacations
Clayton Homes
Jefferson Health Hospital
DC Lottery
Chartway Federal Credit Union
Benjamin Moore & Co
Harris Teeter
...and more!


Composing, singing, copy-writing and editing