Elle Rapp

Elle Rapp

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"My voice is a Comforting, Smooth, Casual, Fresh and Sultry"

I am a voice actor who believes in using the natural quality of my voice. I am real, straightforward, not artificial, My sultry voice is quite appealing. When using my relaxing voice, it calls to my audience to listen and be receptive to what I am saying.

While working in education, I had to speak on numerous occasions to large groups of people of all ages. In these situations, I had to invite my audience to take action. I was successful in having this occur.

When I worked in the real estate field, I had to create a mood that would encourage my clientele to be receptive for a situation of trust to occur. This was necessary for a business relationship. In my office, I had the most listings of anyone and at the time I had the least number of years in the field.

As a flea market entrepreneur, I have had to be very aware of the current selling techniques and how to engage customers to come over and look at my items.

I have been employed as a social worker. There were many situations which required a confident tone that generated trust but also a voice of authority at times when difficult decisions had to be made.

My career path also took a turn in the insurance field. This helped me become acquainted with the realities of personal injury and financial hardship.

As a voice actor my life has incorporated many aspects of how I need to engage my listeners. Therefore, I do feel that I am well suited for your voice acting script.


I received coaching with Edge Studio and Marc Cashman. In addition, I have taken acting and improvisation workshops and classes.


I have done work for ad-e-motion, the Sierra Club and Insight for the Blind.


I can write short scripts for commercials or telephone messages.