Dina Azzam

Dina Azzam

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"Clear, bright, fresh, lively bilingual voice English & German"

I am a professionally trained singer and actor with over 20 years industry experience in Performing, Coaching and Voice-Over.
Her voice has been described as Clear, Articulated, Classy, with a warmer Seductive tone. I have my own studio facilities and can deliver projects with a very quick turnaround time.


Constant up-skilling by undertaking bespoke and targeted courses offered by senior professionals, coaches and mentors.

MA Vocal Studies, Hochschule für Music Carl Maria v. Weber, Dresden, Germany
Jazz Vocals, Conservatorium Maastricht, Netherlands
Voice, RWTH Aachen, Germany


Professionally trained actor and singer with many years experience in an array of genres and always up for a challenge.


Fully trained and experienced Jazz vocalist with 20 years of experience.
Ich stehe sowohl für englische als auch deutsche Aufnahmen zur Verfügung.