Denny Terrell

Denny Terrell

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"versatile enough to deliver whatever style is required"

• I consider my speaking voice to be :
Engaging, soothing, warm, seductive and reassuring. Sexy and smooth .
Hard sell delivery, fast and attention grabbing, in-your-face, funny, or moderately paced and Informative, calm, sympathetic and slow.
My diction is clear throughout and well modulated and expressive.
I have attended many voice-over workshop classes and I have my own recording studio.
•I have experience in editing and reading weekly Talking Newspapers and Magazines for Blind and partially sighted listeners.
so would be ideal to be considered for Audio Books.
•I spent 15 years presenting a weekly 2-hour show on Local Hospital Radio.


Apart from professional tuition, I am a natural...I remember as a child listening to BBC radio announcements, and absorbing the correct diction - and was never shy to speak or read out loud in front of the class.


This is where it all falls down. As an assistant recording engineer in a commercial studio in London during the 1970's, I sometimes stepped in and voiced some commercials which i still have, and my voice hasn't changed that much.. I am older than I sound and am mindful of delivering an enthusiastic read rather than sounding jaded. I send a lot of auditions into Voice Realm but I guess there are too many talents out there to compete with, so basically - No huge achievements so far, but I feel that should not stop me having the opportunity of joining you if I am good enough...I could be an undiscovered talent!!!


Yes i do sing and play guitar in care homes (but not at the moment due to Covid 19) I also compose my own songs some of which have been published. here's a link to one of them...