Dena Dahilig

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"Confident, calm voice you trust implicitly."
Dena Dahilig

Commercial / Promo / Narration / Audiobooks / Live Announce

"I trust you." It's a frequent comment - a lovely compliment - from my clients. It means my reads are believable, that the product or service I'm promoting is valuable and worth the customer's investment. My background is diverse, and it informs every project. I have worked with clients in a wide array of industries, from major automotive, to beauty, to communications, to technology. Each is asking for the consumer's trust. Understanding their businesses, their corporate missions and their project goals is essential in bringing out the truth of their copy.


Voice Acting/Voiceover Industry: The Voicecaster (Burbank, CA), The VO Dojo (Los Angeles, CA)
Coaching: Cedaring Fox, Martha Mayakis/TalkShop, Chuck Klausmeyer, Ed Cunningham
Workouts: The Voicecaster, (Graeme Spicer), Animation workout (Todd Valcourt)
Acting: Marjorie Ballentine (Adler)
Improv: ComedySportz
Singing: Dorothy Barnhouse (classical voice), Faith Winthrop (jazz voice), Darlene Koldenhoven, Toni Kasza, Masterworks Chorale (Carnegie Hall performance), Loyola Marymount University Concert Choir
Stick: Emmett Chapman, Don Schiff


Career clients include: WebMD, Unisys, American Red Cross, Inman Real Estate, Neutrogena, American Honda, Acura, as well as multiple regional and local businesses.
Internationally I have worked on projects for the EU DragonStar program, and Cyta and Innowth (Cyprus)
Live Announcer - The Music Center of Los Angeles, 50th Anniversary of the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion Gala event
Audiobooks - "Amazing Grace: Autobiography of Grace Haloran" + "Catnapped" and "CATalyst for Clues" by Patricia Fry
Audiobook Producer - "Feisty and Fearless" by Pauline Field
Producer - A Very Special Arts Festival, Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, CA)


I am Media Chair and past-president of The Arts Council for CSUN (California State University, Northridge) and have created and produced awards and events for the organization. One highlight was producing and hosting the Music Industry Studies "Industry Insights" event featuring Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Chapman Stick, an electric, stringed instrument played by tapping on the strings. And I've been a Stick player myself since 2015.