David Mahoney

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren •
"The voice that knows stuff!"

I have a truly warm and responsive voice. I take direction incredibly well and I’ll make sure YOU get the read YOU want! Working as an actor means that my work is truly collaborative and I’m just as exacting of myself when working in voice over. My job is to serve the script and give you, the client, the product you want!

I can go from the evil, gravelly voiced demon to the friendly guy next door straight read, comic to tense, serious to sardonic.


I trained as an actor and I've worked as an actor for many years. Within that I have done many, many voice overs for various jobs.


Drink aware campaign hired me to voice their UK advert highlighting how easy it is for older people to drink a little too much...(ahem...that's not me, no sir!!!)


I act and I sing (yes, I realise acting is a different skill to voice acting but dealing with character and analysing script is an implicit skill within voice acting)