David Edes

David Edes

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"I have smooth, soothing voice with a Fatherly story-teller style"

Most of my work has been in audiobooks. Here's a quote from the rights holder of my latest project: "It's all superb, including the introduction... I really like the pace, clarity and animation of your narration. It's one of the most effective audiobooks I've heard. I hope you get to do lots more." - Ken Schubert, rights holder for the audiobook "The Time of Our Lives" by Eliott Schubert, now available on Audible.com. My voice gives me a sound that is friendly and approachable. With my training and experience, I am able to capture the spirit and intent of a dramatic scene, or clearly communicate step-by-step instructions for a corporate training video, and narrate these genres equally effectively. I can be conversational, and make the message relatable to any target audience, as well as informative, delivering the message clearly and professionally. People tell me they're very relaxed when they here my voice on a given project. In short, it's a voice they could listen to for long periods without tiring of it.


I received voice over training from Such a Voice, under the coaching of actress Jan Haley-Soule. I completed my training in May of 2017.
In addition, I was a communications major in college, and received training in drama, oral interpretation, and on-air radio broadcasting.


I have completed 10 audiobook projects for ACX/Audible.com. My latest, and probably my best work to date is "The Time of Our Lives" by Eliott Schubert. This is a 4 hour memoir of the author's life and times.
Two other projects of note: "Inside the Rainbow", by Sandy Sinclair. This is another memoir of the author's career and adventures in the wilds of Alaska, 10 hours in length.
"Prince Pugawulamukapee" by Dale Stubbart. This is a children's story about Irish Leprechauns done with an Irish accent throughout.

I am also a training video producer for USA Technologies, Inc. The narrations run from 2 to 15 minutes, instructing viewers on the company's hardware and software products. To date, I have produced more than 70 of these videos which are viewed daily on the company website.


All of my video production is done on Camtasia, professional video editing software by Techsmith. I have the skills to do all post-production, including mastering the sound, mixing voices and instruments, and editing and syncing the video.