David Coon

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren •
"Warm, deep, and natural with an occasional edge."

In a noisy world, I help busy casting directors by delivering the engaging reads their clients come back for with hassle-free, reliable service. My warm tone is perfect for caring and inviting styles of writing, while my deep voice is suited for confident and driving sales copy or professional presentations. My energetic delivery style excels at catching and keeping the attention of listeners and viewers for long-form narration like e-learning or documentaries.

Beyond the vocal aspect of my business, my service to my clients is prompt and reliable, with a premium put on communication along the way so you are never out of the loop. I'm fun to work with, easy to direct, and just enough of a perfectionist to not put anything into your hands I'm not personally intensely proud of and confident in.


I have honed my voice over skills from a combination of improv acting, public speaking to both large (500+) and small (5) audiences, and practice over time.


My biggest credits to date are United Airlines (radio), The Discovery Channel (TV), and The United States Air Force (internal promo).


I have some experience in both post-production and copywriting. This allows me to offer premium quality audio, and a unique mindset because I've been on both sides of the soundproof glass.