Darren Andree

Darren Andree

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"I'm your door neighbor or the pirate on the seven seas!"

My voice over services include Narration, Commercials, eLearning, and IVR for radio, television, and corporate customers. I provide an authentic and sincere sound to all of my voice over projects. Spending over 20 years working in a technical corporate environment, I have a wealth of experience with technical and scientific verbiage, which means I can perform any script with clarity and understanding. With the convenience of a professional recording studio on-site, quality projects are finished quickly.


I recently graduated from the Such A Voice technique training program in July 2020.


I have yet to land that big job, but I have completed work for multiple telecom companies, including Qwest Communications and CenturyLink Inc. I completed training modules as well as voicing IVR options. In my current role as a Workforce Analyst with Perspecta Inc, I have completely revamped the entire IVR for the Federal Service Desk within the General Services Administration. This included over 85 separate menu recordings requiring editing and some mixing.


As far as character work, I have played and run many RPGs for over 25 years. Being in the role of a dungeon master, one has to be able to ensure that the players are engaged with many different characters in the form of Non-Player characters that all have their own voices and goals. I have played many characters from small children to an ancient dragon, much to the enjoyment of all my players.