Dana Gartland

Dana Gartland

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"Bright British Voice, mixing warmth, friendliness and authority"

I grew up in the UK, in Leicester, raised by Irish parents in a loud house, filled with silly voices before moving to London to go to Drama school and train as an actor. I traveled the world working for Shakespeare's Globe as an actor.


Rose Bruford Drama school BA Hons in Acting - London.
Paul Michael's - The Network - NYC
I continue to train at The Groundlings to hone my skills - LA.


UK Television Movie Campaigns: Disney - Monsters University. Sleepover, Lionsgate - Filth.
Television campaigns: Microsoft - Cortana, Disney Princesses.
New Media: Nicontinell, Peri Coach, Cuddle App, Boogie Wipes.
UK Radio Campaigns The Hippopotamus.
Promos: One2One Children's Fund, Berrywood Care Home, AECOM


Providing British English Translations of American scripts for the UK audience.