Dan Foster

Dan Foster

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"Real. Fun. Really funny."

I've been a character actor all my life. I've been a passionate, colorful character all my life as well! I've been shaped as a creative character actor by the stage/theater and cartoons. I love every aspect of the television/film industry, animation in particular. From the creators, writers and animators of digital to stop-animation, to the post-production work, foley, music scoring, ADR, etc.

In my adventures toward a successful professional career, I look forward to earning my stripes, paying my dues and experiencing the various nuances the industry has to provide.

My ambitious goals and dreams as a professional voice actor include the opportunity to be apart of a Disney/Pixar project.



Dino Andrade - Animation Level 1 (Kalmenson & Kalmenson)
Steve Staley - Animation Level 2 (Kalmenson & Kalmenson)
Richard Horvitz - Animation Workshop "A"
Bob Bergen - The Voice Over Connection
Bob Bergen & Collette Sunderman - Weekend Workshop
David Sobolov - Gray Knight Productions
Catherine Cavadini & Nick Omana - "Vocal Toon Up"
Ned Lott - Mary Lynn Wissner - "Meet the Pros"
Meredith Layne - Voice Actors Network w/ Hope Levy

Jodi Gottlieb - The Voice Over Connection
Susan Palyo - VoiceTrax West
Denise Kruger - Foundations Level 1 (Kalmenson & Kalmenson)
Kathy Grable-Perkins -Foundations Level 2 (Kalmenson & Kalmenson)

Phil Bache - The Voice Over Connection
Keythe Farley - The Voice Over Connection

Johnny Gidcomb - Loop De Loop

Second City
Steven Tobolowski
Fran Montano - The Actors Workout Studio


My proudest achievement thus far has been the opportunity to play Optimus Prime AND Megatron at Universal Studios, Hollywood Resort. As a voice actor, these two dynamic and well-known archetypal rival characters in animation/film history are any little boys dream to voice! At Universal Studios, Hollywood we bring them to life daily, LIVE!

I've also had the privilege and honor of playing the Grinch (from Ron Howard's adaptation, How the Grinch Stole Christmas) LIVE, in person, at Universal Studios Hollywood during the season of Grinchmas. I have also had the joyous opportunity to play yet another well-known red suit wearing gentleman associated with Christmas at the Disneyland's Resort.

Another proud achievement involves the creative and award winning anthology series podcast, Seminar, I've had the honor of playing, The Student, since 2016. Most recently the character has evolved into TWO, Alex and Thomas. To be apart of these characters lives and live in their world for so long has been a truly amazing experience.


Thanks to my years of musical theater, and love for music, I can hold a tune and enjoy singing (especially characters!) I also enjoy creating and producing my own silly videos and have experience with post-production in simple programs like iMovie. Mostly used as entertainment on my Instagram/Facebook. :)