Christopher Thorn

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"I'm your next door neighbor with pretty good advice!"
Christopher Thorn

Chris' voice can be described as enchanting, adorable, and like an instructor He can play the role of teacher, Drill Sergeant, cowboy, and trucker. He can sound happy, serious, approachable, gritty, smooth, professional, friendly, edgy, deep, and above all resonant. He can be the alpha male, blue collar worker, and articulate business man. And he can sound authoritative, mysterious, authentic, warm, and believable. If you need a narrator, you got it! He can be that for you! His voice is well suited for TV, radio, YouTube, Social Media, Trade Shows, etc.

Yes, he has that much variety!

Chris projects as a middle aged, North American male, mid western accent, flat no accent, Mid Atlantic, matter of fact.

His voice can be compassionate, authoritative, neighborly, conversational, or genuine. He can be an announcer. He can be your boss. He can certainly sound confident and dynamic! He can sound manly and relatable, as well!

He can speak in almost all of the American accents (NE (Boston), NY, Southern, Western, Appalachian, etc.)

He prefers commercial VO work but he's certainly not limited to that. It's simply a personal preference.

He has vast real world experience in leadership roles and that comes through in his voice over work!


I am fortunate to have the world's best voice over coach. Ron Allan from Big Voice Productions. He pretty much made me cry for 22 weeks but it was worth it. I was humbled. I learned that just because my mom said I have a great voice didn't make it true. When Ron said I had a pretty good voice but that wasn't important, it confused me. He tore me down then built me back up. Taught me that having commitment was what was important. That my voice was unique and that I should be me because no one else was.


I recently completed a business presentation project for BASF which was used at one of their dealer meetings. I'm in the middle of a 7 minute presentation for a national contractors association presentation as we speak. I've also done numerous local and regional radio and TV spots for various clients in Ohio, West Virginia, and Iowa.


Mixing, editing, and the finer points of post production are quickly becoming second nature.