Christopher Marks

Christopher Marks

Mitglied seit 2 Jahren
"Warm and Clear Tones With An Attention To Detail"

My bass/baritone voice is deep and smooth. It ranges from low and calming, to sincere and approachable to bold, excited and commanding. I am also a musician and singer and can add sounds, music and effects to any recording. I take pride in my work and never settle for anything less than best.


I have learned my skills from participating in live drama productions (musical theater, opera, etc.) as well as recording for radio advertisements, TV commercials, movie trailers and audiobooks. I take classes online and am always seeking to improve and learn more.


I have been recording for over a decade and have recorded radio advertisements, audiobooks, songs, movie trailers and podcasts.


I am also a composer and own professional level software instruments that I use within the Logic Pro interface. I play the violin, keyboard, guitar and drums well. I offer post-production services for clients seeking such services.