Christina Ho

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"Feel-good, professional, friendly and vibrant voiceover"

Warm. Vibrant. Natural. Conversational. Christina's voice just makes you feel good!

​She's the smart-shopper, tech-savvy, influencer friend & young mom that other women relate to and gravitate towards.

She's a book lover & life-long learner who embraces organization and promotes research and education in a positive way.

This multilingual (conversationally fluent in Cantonese) is an adventurous foodie & musician with a business background.


"Never stop learning" - these are words that I live by, and voice training is no exception. I regularly take training courses from many of the wonderful professionals in this industry... locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Although I've trained with veterans like Harlan Hogan and Pat Fraley, I would say there's also no substitute for being a working talent to keep up with what's current in the world of voiceovers. I could do all the training in the world but what's most important is to meet your needs as a client!


- Loréal, Slack, George Foreman Grills

- Pepsi, DellEMC, Microsoft, Verizon, OSHA, Fidelity, World Bank, Toyota

- Welcome and on-hold messages for all Apple stores in Hong Kong and China
- In store and on-hold messages for Goodwill Industries, Marshalls/Winners, Avon, and many more

- Mechwarrior 5 Chinese accented fighter pilot
- Fisher Price - Princess Mommy Sweet Dreams Storybook toy


Cantonese accented English