Chris Thurman

Mitglied seit 4 Jahren
"Energetic, Campy, Genuine, and Smooth."

Without a doubt, what I'm best at is comedy. So nerdy comic relief characters and the like, will get a lot of comedic nuance. I can also do anything from a psychopathic killer, to a little boy, to a young aspiring hero.


Cartoon Pilot Season Dallas with Pat Fraley
Character Voice Versatility with Pat Fraley
Creating Character Voices with Pat Fraley
Online Voice Acting Workshop with Crispin Freeman
Private Voice Over Training with Lucas Schunemann


FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd
TED Talks
Polykid Games
SDP Games
Stunmason Games
Brown Boots Interactive
Starman Studios
Culture Attack Studios
Desert Gems Audio
Pusuant Group
Compassion International


Music Composition
Singing(Db2 - A5 Range)
Creature/Monster Vocals