Charles Glover

Charles Glover

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"One stop shopping-smooth voiced narrator with vast range."

Have lots of experience as an actor and voice actor as well as narration. I am hard working, enjoy feedback and strive to give the client what they want quickly and painlessly. Have years of experience narrating projects, voice overs, trailers, commercials and of course acting. Currently I narrate 3 regular programs on NHK World as well as several anime and numerous video games. I enjoy challenges and making quality product. I have worked for years as a radio presenter as well as an on camera actor and have traveled the world. I think all these things feed each other. I enjoy narrating things as much as I do performing in a drama as much as I do creating a new voice for a anime as much as I do traveling to a new land and cultute and trying to learn the language there. I can promise quick turn-around time and of course any retakes until we get it the way they want it. look forward to hearing from you!


In the real world babe... well a part of it.
I actually studied voice as an actor in undergrad school and in the NYU- graduate school acting program. This gave me a good start and invaluable discipline in speech and diction, but I feel the best training I have had has been real world experience as a radio and television presenter, voice actor and on camera actor.


The world wide 'voice of Panasonic' [ Ideas for Life- Panasonic ] commercial as well as , Mitsubishi - 'Drive at Earth' commercials and well as for Seiko - 'Grand Seiko', as well as a variety of other commercials and trailers.

I worked for years as a radio presenter in various international markets, recently at radio stations in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan.

Have done numerous videos for corporations, including: Sony, Olympus, NEC and Mercedes Benz.

I have been an on camera presenter on a number of tv programs, including ' Journeys in Japan' on NHK-World. I have done 15+ installments and will continue.

I have worked as a voice actor in many 'anime' , including 2 recent movie versions of the popular 'Detective Conan' series (2019 and 2020), as well as voicing characters in over 20 video games, including: Tales of Phantasia, Power Stone and Ninja Gaiden.

Have appeared in a number of tv dramas as well as movies, including 'Shin Godzilla' and a featured role in the upcoming Nicholas Cage film, 'Prisoners of the Ghostland'(2020).

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Am skilled at post-production, also a published photographer, which can come in handy for any images you may need.