Chance Peterson

Mitglied seit 3 Jahren
"A Genuine and memorable sound."

I've got a voice you hear before it even makes it into the room, (my highschool girlfriends mothers hated it).
I can make it as loud and in your face (ears) as needed - Need to hear over monster trucks? Done. Need to blow something up and have someone walk away looking exceptionally cool - I can do that too.
I can also bring it down and be that caring and compassionate shoulder or advice giver.
I want to help you bring your ideas to life in the theater of the mind - and I aim to please.


I first began doing voiceovers as a teenager - recording things form the radio or playing music and talking over the tracks.
This eventually brought me to Radio broadcasting in 2012 - there my love for stories and the theater of the mind prospered and found me graduating with Honours - my aims kept close to production and of course VO work for performance or ads.


Through my time in radio I've performed countless announcer sells across numerous clients.
More recently alongside David Merleau and Forest Talk Radio - I've had the honour of being part of the production that won both the 2019 Museum of Walking International Sound Walk Sunday Award (United Kingdom) and the 2019 Conservation Innovation Award (ON Canada.

This production also made note on CBC Radio 1's - As it Happens on May 29th, 2019 ( as an aside; we made it into the Banner-Line as the Pun of the day, which may be a higher honour than any other.)


As a former producer I am more than capable of taking my voice work and turning it into a full finished product.
However at this time I am rebuilding an appropriate archive of SFX and other media for these purposes, and don't yet have a sizable stable to draw from - but if provided with desired clips I can easily mix them down.