Hello Everyone!
I am happy to be here and part of a voice over community of fantastic professionals.
I have recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee and have spent the past 13 years in Miami, Florida.
Over the past 15 years I've worked in the media, music and voice over world.
I'm enjoying the 'newness' of my time here in Nashville and hope to continue my journey forward in the Voice Over world here.

I'm also a singer/songwriter with a passion for the 60's & 70's and the lyrics that came out of that era. Recently, I completed my debut album 'Love Me Out Loud' a very close project to my heart.

All-in-all I am no stranger to the ebb and flow of the valleys and mountains and I, like many of you, feel blessed to have the ability to use my voice for my career.
It's wonderful to be a 'voice' of change during a time when it is truly needed.


Boston University School for the Arts - Classical Theater
Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale


Tom Vernon: 954-253-0644
Chris Crane: 305-795-2687
Tom Schaefer: 305-761-2729