Carlyle Coash

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"Let's Make Your VO Shine"
Carlyle Coash

Overall I bring 20 plus years of acting, directing and production experience to my work in Voiceover. I strive to bring my creative energy to the projects I work on so that the possibilities in the words can come out. I have extensive improv experience and working in settings where trying out different ideas is essential for the best work to arise. I try to bring a sense of joy and collaboration to my work as much as possible.

In addition to my on-stage acting and film experience, I also completed a year long intensive training specifically in voice over. This simply strengthened my abilities and supported my understanding of the various genres within voiceover that exist. When you work with me you will find someone deeply committed to bring the best result to life so that your project benefits.


I have worked as an actor for over 25 years. During that time I have worked on a variety of VO projects ranging from e-learning to narration to animation. In the last three years I have placed more focus on my VO work, broadening my experiences of live performance and Film/TV work.

BA - Northwestern University - School of Speech (Theatre)
MA - Naropa University - Buddhist Studies.
VO Dojo - Tish Hicks (Instructor) - Year long intensive training program in VO - 2015-2016
Narration and E-learning Intensive - Pat Fraley (Instructor) - 2016
Volunteer - Learning Ally - 7 audiobooks recorded.


One of the biggest achievements comes from the audiobook work I have completed with Learning Ally. This is an organization dedicated to supporting those with learning disabilities to have access to audio versions of textbooks, fiction and non fiction works. I have completed several works with them ranging from YA novels to history textbooks.

Also my work in Chicago theatre brought me the opportunity to work with many different artists and organizations throughout the city, including Lookingglass Theatre and with members of Second City. I also performed in various venues, from 1000 seat theatres to small black boxes. This experience formed the foundation of my improv skills and ability to step into situations willing to work with others to create engaging work.

Over the years I have produced or overseen over 50 productions. As a result I understand how many moving parts are often contained in a single project. I bring that awareness into helping you, so that my work makes your life easier not harder.


I am a singer as well if such services are needed.

Also I do a great deal video and audio editing and post production, so I can help with these aspects as well if needed.