Caitlin Brockell

Caitlin Brockell

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"Intelligent, Millenial, Conversational. Dry wit and tough charm"

A trained theatre actor with a BFA from Hofstra University, I have always been fascinated with and focused on voice. From my initial passion for Musical Theater to my eventual and inevitable love of Shakespeare, I have always loved the ability of the voice to affect others in immeasurable ways.

My natural speaking voice is consistently compared to Mike Judge's Daria, however there is so much more that I can do! I'm the cool big sister, quirky best friend, corporate coworker, dry observer, rock 'n' roll dreamer, deadpan daughter, sweet, honest, and fun-loving weirdo.


The VO Dojo (Tish Hicks)
Kalmenson & Kalmenson (Krickett Davis)
Animation (Debi Derryberry)


I'm just starting out, but don't count me out!


I can sing in various styles: Rock, Broadway, Jazz, Classical. I can also sing and speak basic Hebrew. I do a flawless impression of Blue from Blue's Clues, and I can do various character voices with a wide range of qualities varying pitch, gender, size, etc.