Audio Elan

Audio Elan

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"Smoove, Subtle, Sardonic, and Super Spry."

Smoove, Subtle, Sardonic, and Super Spry.


Years of audio engineering/production decided to merge with voice acting, and throw on top of that a lifelong obsession of explicating (critically) all things audio and multimedia.

Voicing and production for a variety of mediums is a constant--along with being on the hunt for collaborative, fulfilling, and challenging gigs.


Varied, and unending. (Too many sources to list.)


Select Audiobooks (available on,, and iTunes):

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
ASIN: B008Y2B6A4, ISBN: 978-1620790571

Universal Language

Collected: A Coveted Novella

No Such Thing


Professional VO & Audio Production (Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Foley, Editing, Direction) for any medium that can benefit from sonic enhancements!


Optional music for all projects, but for original works, only select types are offered. (Please contact with specifics for a quote.)

Additional language(s) and multiple accents available upon request.
+ [Language Note]: An unlisted second mother tongue language is available; please provide additional project information if interested.
+ [Accent Note]: If you find that you need anything specific that's not in the immediate repertoire, no worries; it can usually be learned and implemented in short time!

Audiobook-focused proofing and mastering are now available. (Please contact with details for a project quote, rates, and/or turnaround time.)

Real-time direction and/or collaboration can be executed easily via Skype, mobile, or other means; just stipulate the mode.

Copywriting services will become available if voice and/or engineering = fulfilled prerequisites; just ask.

Visit the eponymous website (dot com) for more!