Ashlyn Currie

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"Young Empathetic Enthusiastic Female Voice Artist"

Female Voice Actress Specializing in- Commercials and Corporate Narration, Videogame and Animation Characters, and Audiobook Narration.

A story is a powerful thing. It can inform, entertain, and inspire. Every story has a spark that, if cultivated, can turn into a beautiful flame that shines bright amongst a sea of other's. Does this sound like your story?

Your company is unique, with its own spark that when set alight has many different colors and nuances to it. Don't let the spark fizzle before it's even been allowed to burn brightly. The best way to bring out those colorful flames is to have someone tell it out loud.

I'm a full-time voice actress specializing in bringing out that flame with empathic intuition and a real person tone that draws in listeners. Whether its a commercial, videogame, animation, or audiobook narration work. You can rely on me to deliver the fuel to light up those beautiful flames.

I know your time is important. Working with me is easy. Here is what you can expect:

-Fast Response Time, usually within 24-48 hours.

-Fast Turnaround Time. 1000 words usually delivered with 24-48 hours.

-Inspiring Performance that catches all the things between the written word. A skill cultivated from years of training and experience.

-Broadcast Ready Audio. I record with professional equipment in a professional environment to bring you the best quality.

-Customizable to your needs. I can deliver the types of files you need where you need them, work with you on budgets, and even offer the ability for you to direct me live.

-Fair Rates. I use industry standard rates, and I am able to customize that to meet your needs.

-Clear Communication. I am always just a call, email, text or DM away. Your project is also tracked and shared with you, so you can see exactly where we are in the process.

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Jo Ellen Anklam
Simone Stevens vis Such a Voice


John Edward Marszalkowski’s Book -”BUY MY BOOK: Not Because You Should, But Because I'd Like Some Money”

Beautiful Beasts Academy: Diamonds and Demons

Scuna Girl - Old Neighbor Lady, Support

Hiveswap: FriendSim FanDub - Elwurd, recurring

New Scape Pro - Rook, Co-star

New Scape Pro - GumShoe, Co-Star


Editing in Adobe Audition, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.