Anthony Smitha

Anthony Smitha

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"Baritone with a lot of flexibility"

I've been working as an independent actor for a few years, and I'm really doing it for the fun of it. I perform on stages and on film, and it's a very good exercise of all of my skills. I don't get a lot of voiceover work, because I'm more advertised as a regular actor, but I have done some voiceover work, both in theater productions and in a movie preview.


My training is entirely in singing. I've not had vocal coaches just for speaking roles, except when I performed the role of the Ghost in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Then, the director recommended me to the producer (because the producer was an actor, and had a lot of experience with vocal coaching), and the producer gave me a few pointers. I was able to adopt them into my vocal routine fairly easily.


Dr. Patrick Keats, Christendom College -- I performed in several different theater roles, including the Ghost in "Hamlet", Phipps in Oscar Wilde's "An Ideal Husband", Fyedka in "Fiddler on the Roof", and the main role of Steve in the locally written philosophy play "Can Someone Who Knows He Exists Go Call The Police?"

Colin Mason, Mirandum Pictures -- I performed most recently as the Guy in the Nice Jacket (unnamed through the entire film) in the film he submitted to the Sundance Movie Festival "Bronze Apollo", as well as a voiceover for a movie preview, and a van driver in "Chorus".

Tremayne Burnette, Phoenix Fire Productions -- I performed as Purgatory and Cannibal in his science fiction movie "Pantha X and the Androti Warriors".


I can do vocal imitation of a range of accents, mostly stereotypical: pirate, British, Australian, Valley Girl, French, Indian, and Irish. I can also pick up accents fairly easily with a bit of exposure to the language and some work.

I am a professional singer, with my primary use of this skill as a bass/baritone in choirs. I have a fairly wide range, so I can sing tenor if necessary, and even go into falsetto to sing almost to a high C. The falsetto comes in handy for vocal imitation styles of Mickey Mouse or similar characters. I can also do some classic cartoon character imitation (Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Elmer Fudd), as well as imitating the sound of Donald Duck, but I'm unable to form words with this style.