AJ Linstrum

AJ Linstrum

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"Intelligent, clear and calm BBC English, great for business."

I get hired a lot to be the calm and friendly voice of authority, I've a versatile tone that can be young and fresh or gentle and warm.


I'm trained in theatre and performance (University level), and spent 20 years in live performance. I have specific coaching in voice-over from Mary Jane Wells, Los Angeles-based voice artist and actress who is nominated by the Society for Voice Arts and Sciences for Outstanding Body of Work.


I've been the voice for eBay, Black and Decker, Pfizer, The NHS, Grand Vision Eye Care, Cancer Research UK, Accor Hotel Group, The European Free Trade Association, Saudi Gulf Airlines, Ernst and Young, Kings College London and The HAN University Netherlands, The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, and The Conrwall Air Ambulance. I've been the voice of a Mother for Illuma 3 Milk, a Robot for a Science-fi book, and I've even been the Queen! Also countless jobs for smaller companies that are just as rewarding and enjoyable...


Alto, my range is G below middle C (G3) to C/D above middle C (D5).
My editing and post-production skills are great, I will deliver a clean, professional-quality take, timed to whatever length is required.