Angela Murray

Angela Murray

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"A conversational voice to engage the emotions of your people."

My voice will help you tell your story in a way that engages the emotions of your people. It's naturally soothing, friendly, and youthful. But it can also be cool and playful or warm and compassionate. And if trust is what you need, you can definitely count on me and my voice. I’m playful but I’m also a professional. I truly care about the work that I do for you. I’ll help you connect with your people.


I trained my verbal skills over 15 years as a sales professional, sales manager, and sales trainer. I used my voice to connect to all types of people and all types of personalities. Not to mention, all types of businesses. Then I left corporate to find purpose and joy and inadvertently found the real power of my voice. As a fitness and sport’s coach I use my voice to truly inspire others. And… podcasting. I used nothing but my voice to connect to my people. And it gave me the desire to use my voice to help you connect with yours.

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